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Tunnel oven/conveyor oven

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Grande Electronics Technology Limited
Guangdong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Temperature Humidity Chambers, Precision Hot Air Oven, Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Model No.: GETL Brand: GRANDE Place of Origin: China
Packing: Export Wooden case

Tunnel oven/conveyor oven

Precision Vacuum Oven

Electrically heated tunnel oven

GRANDE electric heated tunnel ovens are based on a mature and time-tested system with a 10 year proven record of reliable round the clock production.The design is flexible and energy efficient and is built for decades of continuous use.The ovens are suitable for variety of products,ranging from buns to bread,cakes,moon-cakes and pastries.The tunnel ovens are manufactured in two basic versions,depending on the desired temperature range:Normal temperature up to 250℃(482ºF ) or high temperature up to 500℃(935ºF ).

Features & Benefits

Energy saving technology

GRANDE tunnel ovens are built with super insulating material that ensures that very limited heat escapes from the ovens resulting in the exterior being relatively cool.The exterior is made of stainless steel and our ovens are known throughout the world of their advance technology and energy efficiency.


The tunnel ovens are heated by the tube elements with double heating spirals.They are specially made for each oven to maximize the heat control and reliability of the elements.On average,we use 12 elements per meter of oven.The elements,placed on the top of the oven chamber and below the belt,are easily accessed from the side.

Turbo Zone

From some products,especially when baking with tins,the use of air circulation from turbo fans in combination with radiant heat is suitable.In such cases the oven is equipped with turbo zones.In a mesh belt oven,the hot air is forced through the belt and in a solid steel belt oven the hot air is blown horizontally along the zone.Turbo zones allow for the baking time to be reduced and lower temperatures used.With the adjustable fan speed the optimal turbo effect can be reached.

Steam system

In ovens equipped with a steam system the first part of the oven contains steam spread boxes made out of the highest grade of stainless steel.Valves with indicators are used to adjust the proper flow of steam.

Oven Control System

The PLC touchscreen is designed to be easy to use and give the best possible overview and control.Apart from temperature regulation and oven control,the touchscreen also comes standard with recipe handling,alarms,log function and Internet connectivity.

Belt Driving System

A frequency converter controls the speed of the driver motor,and the robust belt driving system provides optimal reliability and exact baking time.Long ovens and ovens for heavy products are fitted with double drive system,each with its own motor.

Belt conveyor ovens

The lowest cost and most common type of conveyor oven,belt conveyor ovens are extremely versatile and best suited for relatively light loads.In addition to standard wire mesh belts,Teflon coated fiberglass reinforced belts are also available for temperatures up to 500℃(935ºF ).These belts are non-marring and therefore well suited for handling coatings or finished products.

Chain & Slat conveyor ovens

These conveyor ovens are best suited for medium size loads or products with inconsistent conveying surfaces.Chain conveyors are available in two or three strand configurations.A plate "Slat" can be attached to two chain strands,which provides a flat surface for the products or a means to mount fixtures required to support the products through the oven.

Roller conveyor ovens

Also know as roller hearth ovens,theses ovens have the highest conveyor load capacity.A series of rollers,mounted in bearings with sprockets on one end are driven by a common drive chain(or series of chain loops) connected to a gear motor.This conveyor design is also suited for Zer-pressure zoned accumulation,allowing products to accumulate inside the oven,independent of the rate of discharge.

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